Who we are

Our team’s experience is grounded in more than 30 years of research, policy, and the practice of economic development.

What we do

We create economic development strategies that you can begin implementing right away. We combine one-on-one interviews with focused research to identify local partners for initiatives based on your real competitive advantage. Let’s get to work.

Our economic research will drill down to find the specific industries or occupations growing or shrinking in your community. We’ll help you figure out which sectors to target and how to match local workforce training with business need.

Our clients include communities, regions, states, and private-public partnerships at the intersection of higher education, business, and government. Learn about our recent projects.

We can help assess feasibility, assemble funding, and secure resources for a specific community project, and Praxis Energy Group works with local landowners to develop community wind projects.

What we've done

Praxis Strategy Group has worked on economic development strategy and policy reports in 15 states and is the author of Enterprising States, an annual report covering economic development initiatives in all 50 states. We’ve helped communities facing military base closure, and we run the Red River Valley Research Corridor, a technology-based economic development initiative. We recently opened Praxis Africa, an organization working on promoting agribusiness and microbusiness in Ghana.