Marrying facts with execution

Sound facts and information are the foundation of any good strategy.

Whether we’re crunching numbers or talking with focus groups, our economic development research has one main goal: to uncover the facts and information needed to help you make decisions.

Our team has experience with target industry analysis, economic impact of industry sectors, identification of industry clusters, measuring occupations in demand and other workforce analysis, and broad-based economic policy studies.

Specific quantitative and qualitative research services we offer include:

Discovery is the first step of any project. We can design a project to report our findings, or take it a step further and help you interpret the research results to weave a web of meaning. Policy decisions must be based in facts about your economy, your market, or your community.
Enterprising States leads the discussion on state job growth policies and programs in infrastructure, workforce, entrepreneurship and business climate
Using Houston as a model city, Opportunity Urbanism shows similar cities how they can increase their global presence.
Developing a roadmap for regional transformation and economic vitality in Central Oregon.
Salinas, California, identified vital steps to improve the regionís economy, including urban revitalization and agriculture innovation.
History reveals a blueprint for continued growth in the Midwest, based on strengths of the Great Lakes region.
Wisconsin has been working to improve its business climate and community attractiveness. Praxis developed a set of action steps to support these effor
Four counties in California worked with Praxis to strengthen the regionís reputation as a center of economic development
A study on the regionís workforce needs helped guide educational curriculums to meet the growing demands of emerging industries.
A Praxis report for the U.S. Chamber Foundation highlighted seven cities across the nation that are embracing innovative new economic growth initiativ