Praxis Analysis Featured in Forbes on "Cities Creating the Most Tech Jobs"

Apr 15, 2015
Praxis Strategy Group's research and analysis on which areas are creating tech jobs was featured in a Forbes article authored by Joel Kotkin and Mark Schill. At the top of our list is a group of cities that have long been identified with tech growth. Our No. 1 city, Austin, Texas, boasts the strongest expansion in tech sector employment of any of the nationís 52 largest metropolitan areas from 2004 to 2014, 73.9%, as well as 36.4% growth in STEM jobs, the fourth-highest growth rate in the country. Coming in a close second is Raleigh, N.C., part of the renowned Research Triangle region, home to outposts of multinationals like Bayer, BASF, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM and Cisco. The Raleigh metro area posted a 39% increase in STEM jobs from 2004-14, the fastest growth in the nation, albeit from a smaller base than many of the other biggest metro areas.

Kotkin & Schill: The Valley And The Upstarts: The Cities Creating The Most Tech Jobs

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