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Broadcasting Ghana’s development

The Farm Channel is a new social marketing communication platform 100 percent dedicated to the vibrant agriculture, food, and rural development in Ghana, Africa.

Currently, The Farm Channel produces and airs a weekly agricultural program on Fridays from 5:30-6 p.m. on GTV in Ghana. The program aims at the agricultural value chain and those who will disseminate relevant information to the agricultural, food, and rural development corridors, such as:

  • Decision makers
  • Farm managers
  • Investors
  • Agro suppliers
  • Responsible purchasers
  • Information communication agents
  • Advocacy groups
  • Financial institutions
  • The general public
  • Corporate bodies who want to promote inputs and services

The Farm Channel exists to:

  • Promote farm productivity and profitability in Ghana
  • Educate farmers and farming communities about environmentally sustainable practices
  • Provide insights about markets and marketing for farmers
  • Showcase solutions to challenges in agricultural production, finance, and business
  • Act as a platform for farm suppliers to reach customers in the agriculture sector

How to get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with The Farm Channel, including:

  • Provide technical content
  • Send us an innovative story about Ghanaian agriculture
  • Contribute start-up capital to the project
  • Sponsor a 30-minute program
  • Promote your product or service through advertising on The Farm Channel (or introduce us to private sector companies operating in Ghana who may be interested in advertising opportunities)
  • Assign us to produce as customized program for your own internal training or promotional purposes

Learn more about the Farm Channel in Ghana.

For more information about the Praxis Africa initiatives, contact Richelle Matthews at 403-410-7659 or richelle@praxissg.com.