Regional Workforce Strategy Facilitation

The Regional Workforce Partnership & Collaboration was formed to tackle the region’s employment challenges, led by the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, the Chamber, the Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation, United Way of Cass-Clay, and the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"Leading 4 committees of the Regional Workforce Partnership and Collaboration of the Greater Fargo-Moorhead metro area to develop short-term implementation steps and longer-term strategies/initiatives."

Praxis Strategy Group worked with the collaborative to develop a five-year strategic action plan that addresses strengthening the regional workforce system to support regional employers and to address the gap between available positions and qualified workers. Praxis Strategy Group facilitated 4 to 5 meetings for each of the four committees established to develop individual action plans, including:

  • Cultivate and develop local talent,
  • Attract new talent to the region,
  • Build a strong path towards financial stability for those who need it, and
  • Find ways to Innovate to maximize the region’s use of human capital; in this case a central “I Want to Work Site” for anyone who wants a full or part-time job that then can connect them with employment opportunities that fit their skills, interests and availability

The action plans of the 4 committees were coalesced into a single plan that is now in the early implementation phase.