A plan for action in Arizona Apache country

Praxis Strategy Group worked with the leaders of the San Carlos Tribe to assist with the development of a strategic plan for the next five years.  The last plan was in 2003 and was in great need of updating to the current environment.

The plan covers the varying needs of the reservation including strengths and weaknesses analysis, a re-inventing of the mission and new measurable and sustainable goals

Praxis held group “town hall” meetings that included more than 100 participants over two days and facilitated citizen break outs into action groups to identify the needs and desires of tribal members.

After collecting the data and developing a list of things to start on right away, we are continuing to work with tribal leaders to implement the most important goals and objectives and to develop metrics assuring the success of the plan.

Once completed the San Carlos Tribe could be “the model” for native populations to take charge of their own destiny and to reduce the need for Federal Government support.