Your wind experts

Praxis Energy Group was created to help rural landowners and community leaders reap greater economic benefits from their wind resource.

Rather than simply collecting land lease payments and tax revenue, partners in a community wind project participate in the complete economic cycle of the wind farm business model.

A community wind development project can be any size, ranging from a single turbine to more than a hundred. The key to a successful project is when local landowners and community members own and have a significant financial stake in the wind power development. They form and finance the company, which then generates power for local consumption and for sale to customers.

These types of community wind development projects have been installed throughout the country and are in the planning stages in virtually every state where wind power development is underway. Community wind is a growing sector of wind development, which promises to increase local energy independence and prosperity without contributing to global warming.

Praxis Energy Group is uniquely qualified to help

We have the wind energy expertise, insight, and experience to serve as the ‘pivot point' on all the activities required to develop an extremely successful community-based wind energy project. We'll help sort thought legal, technical, business, and regulatory issues, and work with you from start to finish, assisting with everything from feasibility studies to coordinating financial resources to project management and client relationships.