Strategies that drive community action

Our experience is grounded in more than 20 years of economic research, policy, and practice in small to medium-sized metropolitan and urbanized rural areas.

Working with communities and regions throughout the United States, Praxis Strategy Group has been at the forefront in creating economic development strategies that move citizens to community-oriented action.

High Performance Communities

A High Performance Community is any group of motivated people with a common interest in building a competitive and livable community in the face of the rapidly changing, global economy.

It can be a city, a county, or a regional effort. Some characteristics of a high performance community include:

  • Connected to high-speed, broadband telecommunications
  • Nourishes entrepreneurs
  • Creates job growth from within, focusing on higher-wage technology and information industries
  • Thinks globally
  • Focuses on industries that build on local interests, resources, and assets
  • Networks vigorously locally and with partners outside the region
  • Cultivates robust civic institutions and regional collaboration
The High Performance Community initiative is a unique, strategic process that Praxis Strategy Group has developed with funding from USDA’s Small Business Innovation Research program. The HPC methodology has now been deployed in 15 states for more than 10 years.

Our economic development strategy process doesn’t stop at demographic research and economic indicators. We dig deeper—conducting personal interviews, online surveys, and community meetings, gathering input to uncover and develop all local initiatives, big and small.

Test your community’s performance with our community action scorecard.
The Red River Valley Research Corridor is an initiative designed to build world-class research centers in Fargo and Grand Forks, ND.
Economic Diversification Project provides a set of action steps to support the development of emerging business opportunities in Montana.
The Economic Alliance is creating growth and building a high performance community in California.
Using Houston as a model city, Opportunity Urbanism shows similar cities how they can increase their global presence.
Developing a roadmap for regional transformation and economic vitality in Central Oregon.
Salinas, California, identified vital steps to improve the regionís economy, including urban revitalization and agriculture innovation.
Ontario, California, had the potential to become a high-performance community and needed a set of strategies to reach its economic development goals.
A team of community leaders in Wenatchee Valley, Washington, set out to develop economic initiatives that would move the region forward.
The plan covers the varying needs of the reservation including strengths and weaknesses analysis, a re-inventing of the mission and new measurable and
By taking part in discussions with state leaders, Praxis contributed to strategies that lead to job growth progress.
Sharing the thoughts of leading economic development minds.
Four counties in California worked with Praxis to strengthen the regionís reputation as a center of economic development
By facilitating discussions between regional leaders in a private-sector led regional initiative, Praxis helped regional leaders build connections acr
A study on the regionís workforce needs helped guide educational curriculums to meet the growing demands of emerging industries.
A Praxis report for the U.S. Chamber Foundation highlighted seven cities across the nation that are embracing innovative new economic growth initiativ
Leading 4 committees of the Regional Workforce Collaboration of the Greater FM metro to develop short-term implementation steps and longer-term srateg