Accelerate high-impact progress

Exclusively developed by Praxis Strategy Group, action summits are designed to accelerate your progress on a target opportunity.

An action summit is organized to create new technology partnerships for your businesses and universities and new trade linkages for your local economy by:

  • Marketing to and connecting with key partners in business and government from outside the region in a highly focused and purposeful manner;
  • Formulating actionable strategies by answering the central question: what do we do next to make our community or region an epicenter of research, development, commercialization, or manufacturing in a particular economic or technology sector that holds considerable economic potential.

Action summits get immediate results, such as:

  • Showcase science and technology-based capabilities
  • Engage universities and colleges in economic initiatives and business development projects
  • Connect with key partners outside the region
  • Involve key partners in formulating strategies and action steps that can be implemented immediately
  • Facilitate learning, networking, and collaborating among key stakeholders in the region.

Action Summit Services

Praxis Strategy Group works with local organizers to select the focus of the summit, identify goals and central issues, organize summit sessions, and identify key partners in business and government locally and from outside the area. Our full-service summit package ensures a state-of-the-art event and includes pre-event communication with potential attendees, online registration and payment, registrant management, and post-event communication with participants and speakers. Our team has worked on more than two dozen action summit events, helping to engage organizing committees and to coordinate event logistics.