Big plans in small packages

We’ve all worked on huge Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) plans that just end up sitting on a shelf for ten years. Sometimes you just need to get your community moving in the right direction on a few important projects.

That’s why we do smaller compact strategic plans, designed to get your citizens and businesses engaged in a few key initiatives right away.

A lower price means less risk for you. Our compact strategic plan projects include:

  • A look at the strengths and weaknesses in your economy and workforce
  • Identification of emerging industry sectors and occupations in demand
  • A day-long community strategy session designed to get people in your community talking about the future
  • A series of interviews and small group meetings with community leaders, small and large businesses, educators, and citizens
  • A compact strategic plan outlining a few opportunities you can begin working on right now
  • A community engagement session designed to mobilize stakeholders to act collaboratively

The process is designed to uncover areas of strength in your region, and to get people working together to fix problems and to focus on areas of growth. Discussions at community meetings become the seeds of new economic development projects.