Kaleb Dschaak

Marketing Manager and Consulting Assistant

Kaleb is the newest addition to the Praxis team bringing with him a strong background in research, data analytics, project management, digital and technical expertise, and marketing.

In 2019 he served on North Dakota’s State Board of Higher Education as the student member. In this capacity he represented the state’s 45,000 students. Through this role he developed a stronger knowledge of government and education systems, strategic thinking, and problem solving. Previously he served as a technology and communication intern for the University of North Dakota’s (UND) IT department completing a department wide communication strategy.  This role was simultaneous to his position as Vice President of the Student Body at UND. There he collaborated with city and business leaders to provide new experiences to the community of Grand Forks. In addition, he was responsible for managing large university projects and hiring his own project team. Before his time as VP, he also was elected to be the chief lobbyist and president of the North Dakota Student Association. In this role he was responsible for managing a budget, researching student priorities, crafting solutions to present to legislators, and collaborating with state policy makers.

Kaleb is a graduate of the University of North Dakota receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing with a focus on digital communications. With these experiences he manages the firm’s marketing efforts and assists in consulting clients.