Can your community perform better?

First and foremost, Praxis Strategy Group is your partner. We will help you turn ideas into opportunities. Together, we’ll channel energy into action.

We work with communities and regions, research and economic development organizations, and growing companies to develop action-oriented community initiatives and business ventures. We aim to understand the metrics of your region; then help you build necessary networks to get things done.

Our core services focus on developing economic strategies and initiatives, industry analysis, competitive assessments, quality of life assessments, and the specification of new business development opportunities.

We use economic and demographic data to identify both positive and negative key themes in your community. We analyze and interpret data to weave a web of meaning.

Our strategic planning approach doesn’t stop at analysis.

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ communities and use dozens of personal interviews, focus groups, online surveys, and highly interactive community meetings as economic research to uncover and develop all local initiatives.

This gives us a data-supported foundation to create strategic initiatives that can then be coupled with the interests and goals of local leaders and citizens to design meaningful projects that get results.

Any successful community and economy-building efforts must account for and build upon the personality and the identity of the region. Successful efforts are built on local momentum. What is your compelling story?

The Red River Valley Research Corridor is an initiative designed to build world-class research centers in Fargo and Grand Forks, ND.
Economic Diversification Project provides a set of action steps to support the development of emerging business opportunities in Montana.
The Economic Alliance is creating growth and building a high performance community in California.
Ontario, California, had the potential to become a high-performance community and needed a set of strategies to reach its economic development goals.
A team of community leaders in Wenatchee Valley, Washington, set out to develop economic initiatives that would move the region forward.
Wisconsin has been working to improve its business climate and community attractiveness. Praxis developed a set of action steps to support these effor
The plan covers the varying needs of the reservation including strengths and weaknesses analysis, a re-inventing of the mission and new measurable and