Bringing people together to discuss the future and create momentum isn’t easy. Whether it’s 20 or 1,200 people, we’ve spent three decades mastering the skills needed to gather a group of any size and inspire action.

We have the capabilities to help kick-start new economic opportunities and provide long-term support for projects. We’re experts at bringing stakeholders and community members together to inspire action. And we provide a unique set of skills and knowledge to generate results, including:

  • Strategic planning for multi-stakeholder groups and business teams to align your priorities
  • Focused economic and demographic research to help you understand your competitive advantage
  • Public engagement sessions to gather stakeholder input
  • Facilitated task forces to tackle tough community issues
  • Presentations and white papers to clearly communicate complex ideas and data
  • Coordinated initiatives to carry out your strategic plans

Areas of Expertise

Our decades of work means that our range of subject matter experience extends to include a vast number of industries, community issues and trends, including:


Economic development strategy

Economic research

Downtown revitalization strategy and planning

Public meetings, surveys and focus groups

International economic development

Commercialization and feasibility studies

Workforce analysis and planning

Investment fund formation, development, administration and capital management

Community visioning

Specific industry experience in agriculture, unmanned aircraft systems, energy, high-tech, non-profits and social services