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A Roadmap for Continued Progress in an Enterprising State.

Growing Wisconsin

Growing Wisconsin highlights the actions Wisconsin has taken over the past year to improve competitiveness and provides a roadmap for continued economic progress. The report was commissioned by the National Chamber Foundation and prepared by Praxis Strategy Group. It was presented to Governor Scott Walker and state business leaders as part of a series of events celebrating the 100th anniversary of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

The economic policy study revealed that Wisconsin has made progress in developing its business climate by passing major regulatory reform, tax relief and lawsuit reform, but there are still steps the state can take to spur continued growth. This led to the development of a roadmap for the Legislature and the Governor to follow moving forward.

Growing Wisconsin recommends additional steps to become an enterprising state, including:

  • Implementing tax structures in support of entrepreneurship and job creation
  • Streamlining regulatory processes
  • Modernizing government and improving efficiency to reduce compliance costs for small businesses
  • Focusing on critical investments, such as worker training and outdated infrastructure
  • Protecting and defending manufacturing
  • Promoting assistance for manufacturers in exporting, training and tax relief
  • Improving the state’s entrepreneurial and venture capital investment systems
  • Promoting the livability aspects of Wisconsin to attract younger, mid-career families
  • Building constructive lines of dialogue between government, business, education and workforce leaders to efficiently and effectively implement needed policy changes

The report focuses on Wisconsin’s strengths and advantages, drawing special attention to the manufacturing sector, which provides 35 percent of all wages in the state. By following the roadmap, Wisconsin can lay the foundation for a more enterprising, entrepreneurial and prosperous future.

Read the report at the WMC website .