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A Solid Foundation Leads to a Groundbreaking Future

A Great Geography for Unsettling Times

Praxis Strategy group, along with Joel Kotkin, worked with the City of Ontario, California in 2008, to develop a strategy that would lead to greater economic diversification by taking advantage of their geographic makeup.

Ontario is uniquely situated in Southern California’s regional metroplex, along major transportation routes. Because of its location, the city was already a hub of business activity and home to one of the nation’s fastest-growing airports.

Strategies focused on taking advantage of their location in the metroplex, their function as a business hub and aerotropolis, and their relatively affordable housing. Key recommendations included:

  • Developing the human side of the city’s infrastructure by improving secondary and post-secondary education
  • Continuing work to improve structural aesthetics and amenities
  • Telling its story of success and growth, not only locally but on a national and international level, to attract interest and curiosity from people outside the community

With an understanding of the city’s strengths, the group focused on areas of improvement that would contribute to greater economic growth through diversification.