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Creating a Positive Environment for Urban Economic Growth

Enterprising Cities

Released in late 2013, Enterprising Cites: A Force for American Prosperity examines how business can reengage in the leadership of their local communities to help shape a brighter economic future. The report also looks at ways local governments can embrace new and innovative policies and initiatives to create the conditions for economic growth.

A recognition of the fact that “cities play a pivotal role as drivers of America’s economy by creating and sustaining the local ecosystem for innovation, competitiveness, and productivity,” served as a foundation for the study, which identified ways the government and business leaders can work together to create a partnership for growth. The report includes features on seven innovative regions, showcasing policy approaches that are working with features on cities including Dayton, OH; Irving, TX; Memphis, TN; Minneapolis, MN; Salt Lake City, UT; San Antonio, TX; and Sioux Falls, SD.