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Developing the Roadmap to a Brighter Future

Growing a Future of Sustainable Development

Joel Kotkin and Praxis Strategy Group worked with the City of Salinas, and the Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce on Salinas, California: Growing a Future of Sustainable Development. The main component of the project involved developing an economic roadmap for the city’s future.

Two areas of focus emerged for the initiative, including urban revitalization and innovation in agriculture. Key steps of the economic development roadmap included:

  • Improving public safety in the central business district to attract and retain businesses
  • Focusing more educational resources on technology and agriculture, from elementary to college and beyond
  • Direct marketing effort to Silicon Valley in particular, to increase awareness of the Salinas Valley and its unique capabilities
  • Two action summits co-organized by Praxis to help build momentum in agribusiness and downtown revitalization in the community

With a plan laid out, the city united community development goals with area leaders and coordinated their efforts to develop sustainable growth in strategic areas.