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Devil’s Lake Downtown Vision and Action Plan

Devil's Lake Downtown Vision and Action Plan

The Praxis team worked closely with Devil’s Lake Chamber of Commerce to address emerging challenges in their city. Members of the chamber perceived a migration of businesses and customers out of the downtown region and towards the highway corridor. These members were concerned about the loss of business and the stagnation of the downtown but were also worried that new investment could bring construction and other negative events that would also drive way business.

To help illuminate the problem Praxis began by conducting two-dozen personal interviews to frame the key issues and perceptions of downtown. This information provided great insight and was followed by focus groups and a community survey that reached over 600 members of the community. Once all the information was collected and analyzed Praxis facilitated several work sessions of a community steering group to develop the action plan.

This process led to a downtown sidewalk and streetscape improvement which was completed in 2019. In addition, several significant investments are occurring in downtown buildings, many by emerging entrepreneurs.

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